How to choose and measure for glass

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How to choose and measure for glass

Choosing and measuring for glass doors


The process of choosing and measuring for glass doors can feel a bit overwhelming at first.  Our website glass ideas gallery has many examples of our work. Feel free to call, email or come in with questions and we will be only too happy to help.

Here we are providing some steps to help you to choose and order stained, etched or simply clear glass.


Decide on the type of design you might like, keeping in mind that the more detail is involdved the more the finished door is likely to cost. You don't have to know exactly what you want, but having some ideas will help us with designing your door.  Things to consider:

Is there a theme you love?  Flowers, birds, abstract .....? 

Do you have an architectural style or period in mind? The age of your house and its other features could help guide your choice.

Perhaps you can find a pattern in a book which could be modified if required.    Don't forget to look at our glass ideas gallery.

Next try to get an idea of the colours you want to work into the design.

Think about whether you would like to see through the glass or whether privacy is more important.


 Size and measuring

For windows you want the inside dimension where the glass will hang and the size of the bead to be used.

For a door or sidelight you need the dimension of the glass you can see, from edge to edge and the size of the bead to be used.

Anything rounded will need a more specific dimension.

Now it is time to order. We will now take a small deposit from you to hold your place in our design and make diary as we are always booked well ahead in our stained glass department. At this stage we slow the whole process down; our staff are now on hand to advise you and talk you through further detail on design, different colours etc, and provide a design illustration for you. Sometimes we are able to show you the detailed drawings which will be used so that you can really see the overall effect, however we are almost at the point of manufacture here so time is tight.


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