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Commercial Paint Stripping Commercial Paint Stripping Commercial Paint Stripping Commercial Paint Stripping
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Why choose Strippadoor for your stripping?

Trusting Strippadoor to do a quality job of your door / Furniture stripping

The majority of Victorian, Edwardian, or 1930's interior doors have had many layers of paint throughout the years and eventually this leads to chipping and the loss of clarity of the beads which then looks untidy, even tatty.

Good quality commercial stripping is the answer  - we use a hot dipping method, in clean tanks and with active chemicals, so minimizing the risk of warping and leaving the door completely ready for the next stage of renovation and repair if required.

It is sometimes said that the stripping process dissolves the glue in the joints of the door, however we have been stripping for over 30 years, using the correct procedure we have found that on the rare occasion that the joints have opened this is because they were already slightly open before.  Re-gluing and clamping these resolves the problem of damaged joints.


Stripping of previously stripped doors

Please note: stripping of doors is fine provided they have the old lead based paint on them.  If they have been stripped and repainted over the last few years they don’t strip properly. You can tell if this is the case as there will be only one or two layers of paint and the surface is more matt than gloss.

We generally can tell once we see the door, however it is not 100% foolproof. Once we start the process the item has to go though the process and will be chargeable no matter what the result.  If a door has been stripped and then repainted it will leave either some or all of the paint on it, or it can lift a lot of the grain making it excessively time- consuming to sand.

 Another problem we see is when the door has been stained and finished. The doors that have been finished in this manner are almost impossible to do anything with - in  99% ofdoor the stained finish simply will not be removed.

Be assured that Strippadoor will always give an honest assessment of suitability - we always want to you to completely satisfied with the outcome of our door stripping.

For information on preparing and finishing doors please see the FAQ section on this topic.


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