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What do I choose in fireplace tiles - original or reproduction?

What do I choose in fireplace tiles - original or reproduction?

This can be a difficult decision as original fireplace tiles are so very much

more expensive,  and although good enough for re-use,   are rarely in perfect condition.

Reproduction tiles have many advantages, most obviously that they are in perfect condition.  They usually have white or cream background which helps tremendously when planning your overall colour/design effect.  Another benefit is that the reproduction tile range will offer many variations / shades of colour in the design itself; for instance there were very few original blues used in Victorian tiles where as reproduction tiles can be found in a full range of blue including softer shades.

We have an excellent selection of these tiles,  and the manufacturers we use reproduce with careful attention to how the originals were made over 100 years earlier.  For example the top glazed surface of an original tile was quite substantial,  and this is faithfully reproduced by the better manufacturers of today. Also these quality makers can faithfully reproduce the designs of the original, often making it virtually impossible to detect that they are new.  

Finally, a major advantage is the very reasonable price for which quality reproduction tiles can be purchased.


Original tiles are becoming increasingly rare. 

Strippadoor have quite a collection of these and for the true traditionalist then these are the only ones that will do!

The colours chosen for original tiles were often quite vibrant - today's eye might find that the background and design colours 'argue' with each other (for example reds and oranges, or clashing shades of green and purple).  This is in marked difference to the softer, more subtle tones we are used to seeing in decor nowadays. 

However if it's authenticity you want, then the original you must have! 


Pricing: Most of our fireplaces are priced with reproduction tiles, but should you wish to change these to originals we will offer you a credit of around £56, and then add the price of the original set to your order.

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