How do you prepare a door for finishing?

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How do you prepare a door for finishing?

Original Pine Interior Doors - preparing and finishing using natural finishes


Doors that have been professionally stripped are not really wet as once the last coat of paint  is disintegrating the doors are taken from the chemical tank and washed down leaving a damp surface which dries easily – we say around 5 days generally.  We can tell a door is dry when we start to sand it – if the grain lifts then it is just not quite dry enough so we would leave it for another day.

Preparing the interior door

Firstly we do any repairs to the ex locking and handle areas unless they are being re-used. Generally these repairs will be covered up by the new handles so will not to be seen, however it is always better to use old timber to make the repairs if possible.

Next we use a timber filler to fill each and every hole. Once dried we sand off the excess.

We then orbital sand the body of the door and hand sand the panels and the beading – this is time consuming  but the end result is outstanding.

Without repairs,  the time taken on average to fill and sand a door is around 5 hours if the door is in good condition, and up to 8 hours if it is poor condition.

Natural timber finishes:

There are so many different ways to finish a door.  Do you want it waterproof? Do you want it polished?  Do you want a matt appearance or prefer a satin or glossy finish?  Sometimes you can have the door finished on one side with one treatment and the other side can have a different effect. This can work well for instance with a bathroom door – waterproof on the inside and matt on the outside.

For waterproofing and for satin matt we are currently using  a floor oil – it can in fact be used on any timber, floor or door.  We can use a varnish also for waterproofing, which comes in all the finishes mentioned above.   A matt polish finish is achieved with wax – we use Briwax for this, however it is not really recommended for high traffic or areas of damp such as the bathroom or kitchen.

If you are intending to apply your own finish always make sure you follow the instruction on the tin.







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