3 Good Reasons to have your Chimney Swept

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3 Good Reasons to have your Chimney Swept

We are frequently asked about the cleaning of a Chimney when fitting a fireplace

There are 3 important reasons to say YES


1) To protect your health. Breathing in the fumes from gas or solid fuel fires can cause serious damage to your health and in the worse cases proof fatal.

Having your chimney swept will help make sure that the flue is sufficiently clean to allow the dangerous fumes escape safely out of the chimney.


2) To Avoid Chimney Fires - Having your chimney swept regulary will drastically reduce the chances of having a chimney fire. Chimney fires can cause property

damage -  the very least being a cracked chimney pot which will need to be replaced, and the worst being you could loose your home.

 Fortunatley, the more extreme does not happen very often.


3) To avoid Smoke damage - Each time the fire is used, soot will accumulate up the chimney. Gradually, this will decrease the size of the flue which in turn will

lower the draw of the smoke upwards. If the chimney does not have enough pull, the smoke will enter the room causing irratation to all that come in to the area.


A general idea of cost is anything from around £ 50 - £ 90 in the London areas.

You can find a chimeny sweep by going to NACS - NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CHIMNEY SWEEPS

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