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Etched Glass Panel  The Shrewsbury
The Shrewsbury - This glass meets current regulations and is either laminated or toughned Gl..
Ex Tax: £78.00
Strippadoor welcome a very special guest ...... 2012
The Olympics are just round the corner and there is a lot of excitement growing, as people follow..
Ex Tax: £0.00
092 Small Stunning Art Nouveau Cast Iron Bedroom Fireplace
An Original Stunning Victoriqan Cast Iron Bedroom Fireplace Bed - 92 Sizes in..
Ex Tax: £408.33
We are extremely pleased with the door and glass we have received from Strippadoor. I..
Ex Tax: £0.00
sg 142  Stained Glass for the Victorian to Edwardian 5 panel glazed door
142 Hand made stained glass panels - The Symetrical Edwardian Hand Made Stained Glass P..
Ex Tax: £900.00
SD041 - Victorian Edwardian Original Stained Glass Exterior Door - The Edwardian Star in Blue
SD041 Superb bespoke original exterior Victorian 4 panel door with hand made stained glass Th..
Ex Tax: £1,300.00
1930 Edwardian - A Refurbishment of a 1930 Exterior Door
  The process required when youi have an original 1930's door in need of renovation and regl..
Ex Tax: £0.00
OT071 - Edwardian Victorian Original Set of Tiles in Red Brick
  Original Victorian and Edwardian Period Fireplace Tiles   Edwardian..
Ex Tax: £220.83
ED011 - Victorian 4 Panel Etched Glass Door with Fleur Glass Design
Acid Etched Doors and Windows Etching refers to a technique of creating art on a surface of g..
Ex Tax: £335.00
Ironwork - British-made EU rated Insurance 5 Lever Lock in brass or satin chrome
High Quality British- made Insurance 5 Lever Lock 3" Union with either Brass or Satin Chrome ..
Ex Tax: £55.75
093 Hand Made Stained Glass Panel  Victorian for 3 panels -National Trust Colours
Hand Made Stained Glass Panels Strippadoor are traditional stained glass lead light makers, d..
Ex Tax: £690.00
Etched door panel  P29
P29 Single Victorian/Edwardian copy design within one etch glass panel - this glass meets current..
Ex Tax: £87.00
EXT 103 - Original Glass Door for Exterior partially stained glass
  This is a Exterior original partially Glazed door - (EXT 103)   Door Size..
Ex Tax: £520.00
      PHOTO GALLERY for more information please contact Strippadoo..
Ex Tax: £0.00
SD013 - Stained Glass Exterior Door - Brilliant cut with Soft Colour Tones
SD013 - Original Victorian 7 Panel Exterior Door Brilliant cut Gems with soft Toned leaded li..
Ex Tax: £1,450.00
OT156 - Vintage Fireplace Tiles with Green Art Nouveau Design
Vintage Fireplace Tiles with Green Art Nouveau Design These Fireplace tiles are 100% original..
Ex Tax: £325.00
SD053 - Victorian Edwardian 7 Panelled Door with Stained Glass & House Number
SD053 Superb original exterior Late Victorian / Edwardian door with hand made stained glass ..
Ex Tax: £1,450.00
045 Hand made stained glass panel Swirling Poppy design
045 Hand made stained glass panel The Swirling Poppy with arched top design.  Also avai..
Ex Tax: £780.00
OT042 - Floral tile set
Original Victorian and Edwardian Period Fireplace Tiles Edwardian Fireplace tiles are now ar..
Ex Tax: £275.00
Glass Ideas Gallery 2  Etched - please click on first image where you will see many of our completed projects with etched glass.
Many of our clients like to see how we are constantly adding to our gallery.   ..
Ex Tax: £0.00
H5 Cast Iron Victorian Style Replacement Hood
A Typical Victorian Style Replacement Hood with both sides and top extending from the back plate ..
Ex Tax: £52.71
UD023 - Unrestored door
Unrestored or Partially Restored Doors   We are occasionally asked for a more econom..
Ex Tax: £148.00
What are the different flue types?
WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT FLUE TYPES? There are five different types of flue: Class 1 flue ..
Ex Tax: £0.00
EXT 127 - Original Victorian 5 Panel Solid Timer Exterior Door
Superb bespoke original exterior Victorian to Edwardian door  The door is an original d..
Ex Tax: £440.00
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