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Traditional Stained Glass Panels


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SG 040A  Victorian to Edwardian hand made stained glass
SG 040A Original design remade for the top panl of a Victorian or Edwardian door PRICE GIVEN ..
Ex Tax: £530.00
SG 129 The Chrysanthmum 7 panel door with overhead
Stained Glass panels 129 - Here we show how a 7 panel door will take 3 top panels of glass and 2 ..
Ex Tax: £816.00
sg 131 stunning Art Nouveau single stained glass panel for late Victorian to Edwardian door
sg 131 - Art Nouveau stained glass panel for entrance door or window taken from original design i..
Ex Tax: £533.00
Sg 139 Overhead Stained Glass Victrorian (MOR ) muted panel with number - stunning
SG 139 Hand Made Victorian Stand Glass (MOR) overhead panel with number  Prices can v..
Ex Tax: £583.33
SG 140  Stunning single window in Art Nouveau design
Sg 140  Single glazed panel for door  or window or both SG 140  Hand Made &..
Ex Tax: £520.00
SG 141 Handmade Victorian stained glass and Painted panels
SG 141  Stunning  complex handmade stained glass with kiln fired painted panel  ..
Ex Tax: £820.00
sg 142  Stained Glass for the Victorian to Edwardian 5 panel glazed door
142 Hand made stained glass panels - The Symetrical Edwardian Hand Made Stained Glass P..
Ex Tax: £900.00
SG 144  Handmade Stuning classic Stained glass twin panels
Ex Tax: £733.33
SG 145 1930  Double borered circular tulip
SG 145 - 1930's Hand Made Stained glass for a 1930's door Page can be arched at is is in the ..
Ex Tax: £415.00
SG 146 Ornate Art Nouveau single hand made glazed panel
SG 146 - Ornate Art Nouveau panel taken from original  ..
Ex Tax: £690.00
SG011 - Stained Glass Kyle Design
011 - Stained Glass Kyle Design One of our most popular stained glass designs simplified usin..
Ex Tax: £640.00
SG065 - Stained glass arched panel traditonal with plenty of light
A lovely bright design using rich colours and taken from an original design. This panel could..
Ex Tax: £517.00
SG066 - The Nouveau Torch Stained Glass Panels
Hand Made Stained Glass Panels Strippadoor are traditional stained glass lead light makers, d..
Ex Tax: £620.00
SG068 - Handmade Stained Glass in the Mckintosh desing with variation
Stained Glass for the Victorian to Edwardian 5 panel glazed door - PRICE IS FOR THE ONE LARGE..
Ex Tax: £365.00
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