Double Glazing Of Stained Glass Panels

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Double Glazing Of Stained Glass Panels

Double Glazing or Encapsulating a Stained Glass Window

Please note not all stained glass windows for a door can be double glazed as they need a rebate of around 22mm then the period moulding is added which often is too big for the overall rebate of around 44 - 50mm . in this case we can simply add a piece of clear toughned glass to the exterior side of the door which adds further security, reduce noise and heat loss. This is around £ 70 - 80 plus vat on the whole and this is added at the same time the glass is installed to reduce additional labour costs.

(1) How is it done?

The stained glass is hand manufactured as per normal

The panel is re-framed using a secondary boarder of lead.

Then it is time to clean the stained glass and polish up the leads.

Finally the stained glass window is blown clean using compressed air before encapsulating into a doubled ( encapsulated)  glazed unit and then fitted to the door using the Victorin profile bead.

The cost to do this does vary but on average a two clear  panel encapsulation of a stained glass panel is around £ 78 per unit plus vat which obviously excluded the stained glass panel which vary in price subject to which one you have chosen.


Please note : We are often asked as to whether this makes a difference to the look and the answer has to be that it does,  but if its necessary then consider the plus's of carrying it out. it stil looks like carefully manufactured  hand made stainded glass unlike many cheaper panels which look very false.


A further note : when looking at the pictures the lst picutre shown is just the leaded panel without any addtional glazing or encapsualtion so you can see for yourself what the difference looks like

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