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Door Stripping

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Strippadoor Door Stripping Service
The stripping of doors has been around since the early 1980’s, removing the numerous coats of paints on each door and leaving a generally good timber surface to prepare and then varnish, wax or oil – or indeed repaint. This also removes the coats of paint that were so thick that they chipped easily and reveals the moulding of the door that was sometimes hardly visible. It is still a very successful method, relatively cheap to do and saves you a great deal of work as well as the costs of materials.
However please note the following:
Since the late 1980’s many of these stripped doors have now been repainted and the choice of paints has changed dramatically to include water-based and cellulose based paints, for example. These can sometimes create a problems if you now choose to re-dip your door.
Water based paints are very hard to remove, simply because they are water-based products and the process of stripping a door is mainly carried out using a very diluted chemical in water. Cellulose is difficult as it sinks into the top few mm of the door and clings; hence some doors strip hardly at all whilst in others it may lift the grain. This is more noticeable on modern doors and furniture. If the grain does lift the item will be okay, however there is then quite a considerable amount of preparation to be done.
Colour based stains, particularly the mahogany based stains, are almost impossible to remove – this very heavy red dye has sunk into the surface of the door. All doors that have had any of these treatments therefore come with a warning as once the process of stripping has started we cannot stop it.
Finally sometimes it is just impossible to tell whether a door has had these types of treatment, (perhaps you have just moved house and don’t know) so we all then unfortunately just have to take a chance.
Pricing & Quotes
Please Note – Remove Fittings
Please remember to remove all fittings if possible before sending your door for stripping, as any fittings left on the door will increase the costs. Hinge removal will cost £2+ each, and Surface Locks £4+. Handles left on the door can double the cost as they then take up the room of another door in our stripping process.
Standard Sized Doors
Stripping a solid timber standard sized door (which is around 30″ x 78″) with all the ironwork removed i.e. handles, hinges and all items on the surface of the door, is at a cost of just £25+ VAT.
Small Sized Doors
We can strip small doors upon request, prices vary, contact us for a quick quote.
Large Sized Doors
Large doors always take up much more room and are also heavier. Due to this there is a variable increased charge. A door just a little bit bigger would be charged at around £30 + VAT whereas a much larger door could cost up to £40 + VAT. As an average then a larger door will cost around £35 + VAT.
Same Day Door Stripping
Exterior doors can be stripped within 1 working day. Either you can bring the door to us before 11.00am (with prior notice) or we can collect the door if you are local to our area. In this case there is a collection and delivery charge and the door should be removed ready for collection. In all cases ironwork should ideally be removed from the door as this can become damaged during the stripping process.
If your door has glass in it we sadly cannot take any responsibility for any damage and would always advise removal prior to treatment. However we would point out that your risk factor of breakage when removing is well over 50%, whereas our experience lowers the risk to around 5%. Stained glass is completely different and does always need to be removed before stripping as often the weight of the water can push on the leads which will then give and thus damage a whole panel.
We can do full repairs on any stained glass door/window if required. Here we can remove the panel, board up the space, and two to four weeks later the now completely rebuilt stained glass panel will be re-fitted – making it as good as the day when it was first made.
It can be difficult to estimate the price to strip an exterior door due to the differences in size, number of coats of paint etc. However as a general guide a standard door costs around £150-£200 +VAT, with collection and delivery extra.
Hand-Stripping Service
Oak and mahogany do not strip well, in fact we highly recommend you not to use this method. We do however run a hand-stripping service and although this is a more expensive option (it uses more costly chemicals and is carried out by hand) it produces brilliant results with hardwoods and leaves you to do very little further preparation as well as maintaining the value.
Another benefit worth considering is that this method will lighten oak etc, making its appearance fit in well with modern decor. Please get in touch with us for quote.
Alternative Services
We also strip most pine furniture, skirting boards, architrave, spindles – in fact almost anything else you can think of that is made of softwood. For anything not listed above or below, simply get in touch.
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